Lone Wolf

29 Oct

Awoooooo and all of that other wolf jazz.

In a frustrating and unexpected turn of events, I found myself attending this evening’s Bristolian festivities on my own.

But you all know me better than to mope around in my room. I got on a train this afternoon, armed with my warmest coat and a scarf, in order to brave the cold at Seven Junction Tunnel.

So what if I’m left getting the last train home? So what if I have a 45 minute stopover for my connecting train? I’m a big girl. I can entertain myself.


I also have a couple of conkers (Conkers is a real word, iPhone. Stop underlining it in red. You are being erg threatening.) in my bag, courtesy of Mr Peacock, which I shall obviously cherish.

From that small nugget of information, you may have deduced that I did indeed see my dear friends Peacock and Gamble this evening. Russell Brand (Whoooooo?) was also playing at the same venue, but who cares?

What does matter, was that the audience were lovely, and I made friends with the couple on my right and the Welsh boys on my left, and we all ended up geeking out about all things P&G which was obviously a delight.

I did get a bit teary at two points this evening – once, during the final bit, where you’re kind of supposed to, and once, completely unexpectedly, when we were taking our seats, when I realised what music was being played. It was all music that was related to the duo, and the thing they’d done. So, you had the theme music from both the Ray Peacock Podcast and the Peacock and Gamble Podcast, as well as proper versions of the songs from Emergency Broadcast and Peacock and Gamble Don’t Even Want To Be On Telly Anyway, which was a little bit magical.

So all in all, a lovely night, and completely worth all the “hassle”.

Yay Ray and Ed.


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