Button Pusher.

5 Oct

I may have been on this Radio Production course for over two years, but I will still always forget to put up a fader at least once during a show.

Today heralded Tone Radio’s first Super Saturday of 2013, where a load of us take over the station for the majority of the day and just…for want of a much better word…dick about.

These days are a rare opportunity for me to run a show on my own, as I’m normally a bit reluctant to do something with nobody to bounce off. Super Days mean I get to choose all the music and gab on about the things I want to talk about. Which is nice. And something I certainly won’t get to do once I graduate.

I’ll get some audio up in the next few days so that those of you who missed the magic get an opportunity to hear what sort of things I actually get up to in real life.

Not that what I write about isn’t real life. Obviously. Nobody would lie about something as tragic as this.


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