This Is The Last Time

29 Sep

Oh, reader. I am sad. Tonight is the very last time I shall have to go off the radar in order to avoid Breaking Bad spoilers.

In a lot of ways, it’s great, because I’m not sure my heart can take any more stress and I want to find out what happens to Walt and Jesse and all the other characters still alive at this point. DON’T WORRY I AM NOT GOING TO BE A PRICK AND GO AHEAD AND SPOIL IT FOR YOU IF YOU HAVEN’T CAUGHT UP YET.

On the other hand, I’m gutted, because discussing the show with people throughout the week has become one of my favourite things to do. Reading mental theories has been a bloody good laugh too.

But obviously, this finale is also going to colour everything that came before (I’m hoping for a lovely blue tinge. That…that’s a Breaking Bad joke there. Sorry.) and going back to relive the previous 60-odd episodes with the knowledge of how the show finishes is going to be a brand new experience for all of us.

So here’s to Breaking Bad, I’m raising a glass of Schraderbrau in your honour.


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