25 Sep

I’m still yet to discover what the actual point of going into Uni for half an hour of a lecture today was.

I mean, yes it was nice because I got to spend time with my lovely pals, but I can do that anytime.

And at the moment, that time seems to consist of sitting on a sofa playing on GTA.


But when I’m discovering just how much work I’ve actually got to do this year, (and that’s a lot. A lot a lot.) the fact that I’m not in three hour long tutorials and lectures is a bit concerning.

Perhaps I’m worrying too much? I mean, I’ve only been back for three days.

Perhaps I’m not worrying enough? I mean, I’ve already been back for three days and I should probably already have set up recording sessions for three different projects.

I just don’t know how on earth I’m going to pass this year without going a little bit out of my mind.

Such is the challenge of being I third year, I suppose.



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