Chance Meeting.

13 Sep

I met a lovely man from New Zealand today.

I was walking back from Uni in the pouring rain, with my umbrella pulled right down over my face so I could sing along with the things on my Spotify playlist and not be spotted by everyone’s judging eyes.

It all went a bit Bridget Jones when a truck sped past and absolutely soaked me down my right side, and I was resigning myself to an utterly miserable wander home.

That was until I got to the traffic lights, and spotted an umbrella rushing up to me.

What was attached to the umbrella was a very sweet gentleman, who smiled at me, and asked the way to the train station once I’d taken my headphones out.

Since I go past the station on my way home, I invited him to walk with me else it would have been a bit stalkerish.

He apologised for bothering me, and said he’d not wanted to ask me as I was listening to my music. This led onto discussions about Glastonbury, the weather (honestly, it was awful), living in the UK and the things I spend my days doing.

Eventually, we got to the train station and went our separate ways. It’s weird, we never ran out of things to talk about, and the conversation never seemed forced at any point. Isn’t it strange how we make these random connections with people everyday?

So, mystery man? I hope you have a nice life. You were lovely. Good luck with film school back at home, and who knows? Perhaps we’ll meet again one day?


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