What’s In The Bag?

7 Sep

Oh, what a day to choose to ask that question, dearest Katharine (follow her on Twitter HERE). When I asked for something to write about in the SSS today, she had a wealth of suggestions, which I will complete over the next three weeks. But considering I was heading back to Cheltenham today, I wanted something relatively easy to do, because I’ve only had two hours of sleep (in the car on the way here) and my brain is good for absolutely nothing.

Hence me choosing “What’s In The Bag, Zoe?” as today’s post of choice.

Can I just put a slight halt to proceedings to mention a couple of things? Thank you.

1. I arrived back to discover that a murder had taken place in my garden, just under the washing line. Something killed a pigeon, leaving just its feathers and its head behind. Grim.

2. WE’VE NOW GOT A BATH AND DOUBLE GLAZING. You don’t realise just how happy both of those things make me. I’ve already had a bath, and am no longer going to be woken at 7am by the rag and bone men playing heavy metal out of their truck of a weekday. That’s just peachy.

Back to the scheduled blog though.

Yes, so as I’ve had to haul a load of stuff back home today, I’ve had an awful lot of bags to choose from. Since my handbag’s stuffed with all sorts of boring stuff, I’m going to give you a run down of what you’ll find in my make up bag, because I think that’s a little bit interesting.

First off, I’ve got a couple of different primers, depending on a) how my skin’s behaving and b) how much money I’m willing to spend.

On a normal day, I’ll use Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (£25), (trial sizes Mum got free, because I’m not made of money), but if my skin’s particularly oily, I’ll use MUA Matte Perfect Primer (£4), because that tends to help my makeup stick around a little longer than if I used the Smashbox one.

Then it’s onto foundations and the like. I’ve got three different formulations in there that I tend to rotate depending on the weather. If it’s windy and my skin’s likely to need a bit more moisture, I use Liz Earle Colour Sheer Skin Tint (£21) in Bare (again, freebies with their skincare range) – it can feel a little sticky when its applied, but as long as you use powder over it, you won’t end up looking like a total greaseball. If I want a little bit more coverage, I use Max Factor Colour Correcting Cream (£9.99) in Fair. It helps to even out any red patches and just gives a little bit of colour. Then, if I want full coverage, I’ll use Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 In 1 Foundation (£11.99) in Light Ivory. I LOVE IT. It’s better than my Bobbi Brown foundation I bought this year and a third of the price. It just doesn’t budge, and doesn’t give any flashback in photographs, like a lot of foundations with an SPF in are prone to do.

My trusty concealer is the No 7 Stay Perfect Blemish Cover (£7) in Extra Fair. Doesn’t dry out, and covers dark circles, which I get because I don’t get enough sleep.

Then it’s onto eyes. I like to keep it simple, with just eyeliner (2 True Effortless Eye Liner (£1.99) in Black) and mascara (Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Retro Glam Mascara (£6.99) in Black) to give a well defined look – I find it difficult to wear eye colours as a glasses wearer, but I’m sure I’ll work it out.

Can’t do eyes without doing your eyebrows, even if you’ve got a fringe, so I turn to my trusty MUA Brow Kit (£3.50) to sort those out.

Then it’s onto powder, and I’ve got a No 7 Perfect Light Loose Powder (£10.50) in Translucent to set everything nicely, and avoid any grease getting through during the day.

Finally, it’s onto blusher, and my one of choice is No 7 Natural Blush Tint Powder (£8.00) in Cool Pink. It just sets off the look perfectly.

So that’s a REALLY DULL look into my makeup bag.

Nice work, Katharine.

More tomorrow, everyone. Make sure you come back…


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