Wakey Wakey.

25 Feb

It’s finally dawned on me just how challenging this coming week is going to be.

Not only do we have a load of things to do for the Students Union Elections on Tone, I’m staying up for FIFTY THREE HOURS between Thursday and Saturday.

People have been telling me off about that today. I see their point. I am mental to be awake for that long, but there’s really not much I can do about it. Especially when everything I’m doing is for Comic Relief.

I figure it goes some way towards many failed sponsored silences as a child. This is how I, as a 22 year old woman deal with that.

There’s a very good chance that Friday’s blog is going to consist of the following- “SJSKANSHAP):2£2£/92!/& SO TIRED”. We’ll see soon enough. I’ll post some ways for you to donate money and stuff later in the week.


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