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Here Comes The Summer

21 Jul

I have everything crossed that today’s nice weather is here to stay.

There’s something inherently cheering about seeing the sun streaming through your curtains when you wake up early.
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It’s Not Even October.

20 Jul

Yet I’m harbouring two toffee apples in my kitchen.

…is it just me that worries you could read that in a slightly filthy way? It probably is. Sorry.

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Some Sort Of Official Announcement Thing.

19 Jul

Sooooooo, I can now tell you one of the big things I’m working on during the Fringe this year.

Because it’s now been confirmed, so that’s cool.

(I’ve got a couple of other things to announce at some point too, but I don’t want to overwhelm you.)

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Opportunities Popping Up.

18 Jul

Someone decided that it was a good idea to wake me up with an email at 6:30am this morning.

Ordinarily, I would be absolutely furious at being woken up at this time of day, especially on may day off.

And I was.

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To Done List

17 Jul

I’m not doing particularly well when it comes to sorting out my sleeping pattern, or my actual to do list.

A perfect example of this is what happened once I came home after work.
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Booty Call?

16 Jul

So, I got rudely woken up this morning. Not by the dustman, but by my phone ringing. Someone, on a blocked number, ringing me at 5:51am.


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The Great Spreadsheet of August 2012.

15 Jul


Every year it gets more and more difficult to schedule my trip to the Fringe.

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“We Got 21 Seconds To Go…”

14 Jul

21 seconds and 18 days, that is.

(Admittedly, this blog title would have worked much better on Wednesday, but SCREW YOU SENSIBILITY.)

It’s that long until I get to Edinburgh. Ish.

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Nothing Worth Saying.

13 Jul

Right. So it usually gets to about 10pm, and I know exactly what I want to blabber on about. Tonight though? I got nothing.

Perhaps it’s the curse of Friday the 13th?

It’s not. There’s no such thing.

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Festival-Goer In Training

12 Jul

Going to bed before 10:30pm is ridiculous.

It’s been a long running joke that I’m permanently on Fringe Time, since I’m usually up until the wee small hours, but lately I’ve just been so exhausted that I can’t stay awake past 11pm.

And let’s not mention my taking naps on the sofa after tea.

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