26 Jul

There’s nothing quite like every member of staff telling you how nice your hair looks to make you incredibly paranoid about how awful your hair’s looked for the rest of the time they’ve known you.

Today was a longer day at work than even I had planned for, as I was in first thing at 8am and was asked to split my shift and finish at 8pm. TWELVE HOURS IN WORK. I’m tired and sore and a bit crabby. But most of all, I’m pleased as those extra few hours in work have paid for a Fringe show (and  half). I am going straight to bed now though as I’m shattered.

In other news, the backs of my knees are sweating. I don’t cope well with heat.

To rid yourself of that horrific image, here’s a video from Simon Feilder and Sy Thomas, aka the Life of Si. It’s nice and relevant and really rather LOL inducing too. Enjoy.


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