25 Jul


This time next week…you’ve guessed it. I’ll be in the beautiful, but hilly city of Edinburgh for my month long adventure.

I’m really excited now. Still hugely apprehensive, but plans are coming together properly now, and the good times are just over the horizon.

Today was all about getting shit done, and for all intents and purposes shit got done.

Most importantly, I got my traditional pre-fringe haircut, and what followed was the traditional uploading of a new profile picture to Twitter and Facebook. People need to know exactly who to avoid in the Pleasance Courtyard, I’m doing them a favour, if I’m honest.

I often forget just how fun my Mum is, as I don’t get to spend that much time with her. She makes me laugh a lot, especially when I’m trying to explain stuff to her. Today’s gems included “50 Shades of Grey & why if she ever reads it I’ll disown her” “Fanfiction/Slash Fiction/The term “sideways smile” (never again, so help me Lord), and my mishearing of “Pork Pie Gate” as “Port By-Gate”, leading to a drawn out discussion about how I thought it was a term originating from the war where men were too sad to have an after dinner port.

That’s the way my mind works. I’m also a little concerned that I’m the only one that finds me funny.

But, er…there we go.



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