Edinburgh Fringe June

Ambition or Stupidity?

Well, tonight could have huge consequences for me. I particularly enjoy opportunities that seem to come out of the blue.

I’m not even sure if this IS an opportunity yet. I am using my initiative and taking a risk. It’s something I’ve always said – I play things a bit too safe. This is definitely a step towards changing that.

I would tell you what I’m planning, but I need some tangible things to fall into place first. I’m feeling exceptionally positive about it though.

Now for something completely, definitely, 100% unrelated. Ahem.

I have never been shy about the fact that I am a fan of improv comedy. Or at least, Improv when it’s done well. My best comedy improv boys are the exceptionally talented The Noise Next Door. I’ve raved about them before on my blog – they’re the ones who do the Improv Adventure. There are links scattered through earlier posts. At last year’s Fringe, I saw them a total of 5 times; it broke down to twice at Comedy In The Dark and three performances of their full show, including their final one of the festival, which was more fun than I thought possible.

One of the first things they did during ‘Their Finest Hour’ was ‘Perfect Partner’. I’m so glad they’ve uploaded a version of it to the YouTubes for you all to see.

It’s surprising how often ‘Midget’ was a suggestion when I saw it myself. I think ‘Ghost’ might have too. And ‘Mastermind Brainbox/Champion”.

Go see their show this year. It’s not a show if there isn’t an audience. After all, they’re promising to Bring The Noise. It’ll be bloody amazing.

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