Just Like I Never Left.

26 Jun

So…I’m back working at Boots.

It was almost too easy to get back into the swing of things, despite not having been there since January. It was less easy to wake up at 6am, however. That was PAINFUL.

I did wake up with a shock at about 4:20am, thinking it was 6:12am. This precise (yet incorrect) time check was probably sponsored by Radio 4 Extra. I left my radio on last night, because I can’t get to sleep if a room’s too quiet. Hate it.  I can only deduce that one of the dramas mentioned that particular time, it filtered through my subconscious and panicked me into waking up.

My day was good. I’m back working on Fragrance, and not much has changed. Seriously…it’s the strangest thing. Despite being away for 6 months, it’s exactly the same.

(I did do a bit of accidental racism earlier though. The phrase. “This dark one – where does it live? I need to put it back in its place.” left my mouth. I had to put a fragrance back onto a shelf, and it was a limited edition version that had a darker box than the original. I don’t think anyone noticed my faux-pas at the time. So, naturally…I’ve told all of you about it. Oh God.)

And I can only assume the next 5 weeks are going to be exactly the same. 5 weeks of having a normal job. 5 weeks of an income. Only for it to become outgoing expenses as soon as the Fringe starts. I had a proper craving for Edinburgh tonight, which ended up with me deciding that I NEED to go and see Late ‘N’ Live this year. To me, it feels like a rite of passage, and I can’t say I’ve truly “done” the Fringe until I go. I’ve already got a merry band of chums on board, so it’ll be nothing but FUN. Unless a drunk person ends up punching me in the face. That’ll be less fun.

Something to listen to:

Sketchorama, Episode 1 – Delete The Banjax, Lady Garden & Idiots of Ants perform, hosted by Humphrey Ker. (It’s cracking. I saw all four acts in Edinburgh last year and thought they were great. What’s nice is that their stuff translates really well to radio. Be sure to catch the other three episodes throughout July. Prizes to anyone who is able to pick out my ridiculous cackle in Episode 4.)

A photo to look at (plus a plug for a Fringe show):

THIS. I got a tiny bit upset at seeing this photo and I’m not sure why. You should go and see the show though, if only to stop you asking me if the title is actually relevant. I DON’T KNOW. I’M AVOIDING SPOILERS UNTIL I ACTUALLY SEE THE SHOW MYSELF. SHUSH.

Something good, that’s comedy and radio related:

Thom Tuck’s been given a 4 part Radio 4 series off the back of #STDVD. Chuffed.

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