Packing Up My Problems.

22 Jun

At least…that’s what I’m attempting to do.

Sadly, none of the stuff I brought to Uni with me is fitting in the bags I brought them up in.

I mean, I lost a fight with a pop-up washing holder this afternoon. I DIDN’T REALISE THAT WAS EVEN POSSIBLE.

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t pretty.

That’s why I’ll never go camping. Can’t deal with putting up normal tents, can’t cope with taking down the pop-up ones.

When I came up to Cheltenham back in September, we vacuum packed all of my clothes, my duvet, pillows and towels. That’s not going to work this time around. I don’t have the right sucky bags. I’m going to have to put things in bin bags. People are going to think I’m lugging dead bodies home. Which I’m not. I’m definitely not. Ahem.

I’m really excited about heading home though. Honestly. Not least because I get to open all my post from March. THINK OF ALL THAT FUN JUNK MAIL. Can’t wait.

Here’s how my summer works out: 5 weeks in Plymouth, 4 weeks in Edinburgh, 1 week in Plymouth then it’s back to Cheltenham. Those 5 weeks in Plymouth won’t be wasted though. I’m getting pretty much straight back to work in order to fund my filthy, filthy comedy habit. I’ve already got hours for next week – it’s like I never left.

Back to rolling up my tights to pop into the sides of my suitcases, I suppose…

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